Urban Tactical

Urban Tactical is Southern Ontario’s largest tactical retail location and indoor range.   Urban Tactical strives to provide the highest quality and latest technology available of protective, tactical and specialized products for Police, Law Enforcement, Military, Fire, EMS, and Security Professionals.

The recently constructed indoor range is scheduled to open August, 2014.  The range has been constructed with an emphasis on safety and protection of the clients.  The owner, David Timms, and staff are well experienced as previous correctional officers or having served tours in Afghanistan. The construction required extensive HVAC and electrical requirements throughout the facility.

Contact us to find out more information! 1-519-304-7555 | info@paulsan.com


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  • Tags: Commercial
  • Completion Date: June, 2014
  • Address: 18 Zatonski Ave, Brantford, ON
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